Willie’s Remedy Wildflowers CBD-Infused Tea Review

Willie's Remedy Wildflowers CBD-Infused Tea Review - | HempRevs

It was a real treat — not just because the tea is so good but I’ve been a Willie Nelson and Tom Petty fan for many years — to review Willie’s Remedy’s new Wildflowers tea blend, appropriately named after rock legend Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” album. A collaboration between the Nelson and Petty families, the tea is a blend of whole chamomile flowers, lemon myrtle flowers, and peppermint leaves and is infused with hemp-derived CBD. The ingredients are sourced from small to medium farms across the U.S. and all proceeds go to benefit MusiCares, a charity that provides people who work in the music industry a support system and human services. MusiCares named Tom Petty their person of the year in 2017.

“My father was a believer in the mission of MusiCares,” Adria Petty said in a recent press release. “It’s a dream come true to have our two families who share so much mutual admiration in both generations of listeners and fans to collaborate together.”

A clean peppermint with an undercurrent of chamomile smell hits you when you open the package. The tea sphere that comes with the blend worked perfectly to scoop up a healthy helping of the Wildflower mix. As I hooked it on the mug decorated with a wild-flower drawing, I was impressed with the mug’s thickness and overall sturdiness. When I poured the boiling water in on the tea, I could already tell it was going to steep up nicely. For some extra sweetness, I added a little WA mountain wildflower honey we’d won in a recent auction and let it cool while I went and put on a Willie Nelson vinyl to enjoy as I sipped my freshly brewed treat. Since Willie’s Wildflower has taken its place on our tea shelf, the frequency of ritually drinking tea and relaxing has increased at my house. Thanks, Willie for making such a great tea in tribute to the great Tom Petty.

“Hemp offers a comforting way to expand on a natural wellness routine,” said Annie Nelson, Co-Founder of Willie’s Remedy. “Wildflowers Tea is an example of the connections that are possible when we share the culture of cannabis and music.”

The limited-edition batch comes in bio-degradable pyramid box packaging or loose leaf. It also comes in a reusable cylinder tin with a tight-fitting lid for later use as a bud container or to stash your roaches. Willie’s Wildflower tea and other products can be found at the Tom Petty Store and Willie’s Remedy website. Enjoy!

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Willie’s Remedy Wildflowers CBD-Infused Tea Review

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