Rob Floyd Introduces New CBD Beverage Elixirs and Lifestyle Products

Rob Floyd Introduces New CBD Beverage Elixirs and Lifestyle Products - | HempRevs

New advanced Absorption, Premium Oil Elixirs, and Water-Soluble Tinctures are featured in the Inedit Rob Floyd CBD Portfolio

Nashville, Tennessee – July 12th, 2022 – Rob Floyd Entertainment, the Nashville-based mixology studio, launches today the Inedit Rob Floyd CBD Beverage Elixirs. Rob Floyd Entertainment is a popular name in the field of CBD and related wellness products. The company is committed to educating people about CBD products and to creating premium CBD oil and water-soluble elixirs for all types of beverages while providing meaningful social experiences.

Launch of Premium CBD Beverage Elixirs

Rob Floyd now introduces the finest CBD Beverage Elixir line in world. This launch of exclusive CBD beverage elixirs for daily wellness sets the standard for safety, purity, and consistency. Premium Oil Elixirs, Water-Soluble Tinctures, New Advanced Absorption CBD Creams, Gourmet Gummies and science-based CBD Brain IQ for brain health, have now been added to the Rob Floyd Inedit CBD portfolio.

Why is Rob Floyd CBD the Finest in the World?

The Rob Floyd Inedit CBD beverage elixirs feature a new advanced absorption micelle nano technology resulting in a two-year stability in beverages. Rob Floyd Inedit CBD is the most trusted name in CBD beverages with quality, consistency, and safety. Our products:

⦁ Provide support to reduce anxiety and inflammation and to provide pain relief
⦁ Feature micelle, nanotechnology for maximum absorbability and bioavailability
⦁ Contain 0% THC
⦁ Are independently lab tested to certify the highest quality available – every product label has a QR code supplying the Certificate of Analysis
⦁ Are free of any harmful bacteria, yeast, mold, heavy metals, and other toxins
⦁ Are made from Organic, Non-GMO, Human Grade Ingredients
⦁ Are legal in All 50 States.

Add Rob Floyd Inedit CBD oil to your daily CBD regimen. Mix Rob Floyd premium oils in your morning coffee, juice, or smoothie. Add oil or our water-soluble elixirs to any evening drink, mocktails and cocktails. Inedit by Rob Floyd sets the standards for safety and quality in all its products.

“I want to help people be as happy and healthy as possible,” says Rob. “I’ve had such personal success using these products and I am so excited to share this success with all of you!”

About the company
Harmony Wellness brings together the creativity and experience of Rob Floyd Entertainment and the technology and product knowledge of Wellness Labs in the Rob Floyd Inedit CBD brand of products. Rob is a global liquid chef and has traveled the world training bar teams, designing menus, and starring in multiple TV shows and live events. He currently has bar teams in over 100 countries and clients all over the world. Wellness Labs is a diversified cannabinoid-based product company featuring advanced absorption micelle technology.

For more information on the Inedit Rob Floyd CBD Line, private label products and beverages, and for partnership opportunities, e-mail [email protected]. Visit, where the full lineup is available. Inedit Rob Floyd CBD is now also actively seeking affiliate partners. Also visit us at “CBD Lifestyle Podcast with Rob and Rick,”,,,,, and on YouTube at “Rob Floyd CBD.”

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Rob Floyd Introduces New CBD Beverage Elixirs and Lifestyle Products

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