Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposables Review

Moon Wlkr is a premier hemp brand, offering a wide selection of rare cannabinoid-infused products. From delta 8 disposables and gummies to CBD and CBN gummies–Moon Wlkr seems to offer it all!

In today’s review, we’ll be taking a deep dive into their popular delta 8 disposables to find out just how well they stack up against options on the market.

Let’s dive in!

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Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposables: A Quick Breakdown

Available in two signature flavors–Watermelon Iced OG and Strawnana–Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposables are the newest addition to the Moon Wlkr product line.

Featuring a sleek black design, pre-heat function, and convenient USB-charging port, each device contains 800mg of hemp-derived delta 8 THC.

How to Use the Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposable

Moon Wlkr’s D8 Disposables were super easy to use. Here are some simple instructions based on my experience with the product:

  1. Tap the bottom of the device 5 times to turn it on
  2. Tap the bottom of the device 3 times to activate the pre-heat function
  3. Wait 10 to 15 seconds for the extract to heat up then tag a drag
  4. To turn the device off, simply tap the bottom of the device 5 times

Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposables Flavor

Moon Wlkr Delta 8 THC Disposables are currently available in two signature flavors: Watermelon Iced OG and Strawnana. Below I will discuss my experience with and opinion of each flavor.

Watermelon Iced OG

Moon Wlkr Watermelon Iced Delta 8 Disposable

Watermelon Iced OG was hands down my favorite of the two. Right when you hit the device, you’re blasted with an icy blast that’s complemented by a sweet rush of watermelon that, in my opinion, went really well with the natural herbal flavor of the hemp extract. Unlike some other devices, the flavor was not overly herby or burnt at all. It even left a nice refreshing flavor in my mouth after taking a hit.

Watermelon Iced OG is definitely a must-try, but that’s just my opinion and my flavor preferences may differ from your own.


Moon Wlkr Strawnana Delta 8 Disposable

While Watermelon Iced OG was my top pick of the two, Strawnana was honestly really good as well. The sweet flavor of strawberry hits just right with the creamy banana flavor. Combined, it tasted like a strawberry smoothie. I will say that the strawberry banana flavor definitely masked the herbal hemp flavor, which may be preferable to those who don’t enjoy the flavor of hemp.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed both Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposable flavors. Watermelon Iced OG was definitely my favorite, but Strawnana was damn good too. Great work on the flavors Moon Wlkr team! These are definitely some of the best out there.

Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposable Quality

Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposables are made in Henderson, Nevada, and are filled with a 100% hemp-derived delta 8 THC extract.

All Moon Wlkr products are rigorously tested by ACS Labs,a third-party laborartory, and full lab reports for each product, including the brand’s delta 8 disposables, can be found the “Lab Reports” page of their website.

It is important to note that, while some other companies do not put their products through the full panel of lab tests (potency, terpenes, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, VOCs, and microbials), Moon Wlkr spent the time and resources to do so, which is a great sign of, not only a quality product but a company that can be trusted. However, according to the latest lab report found on thier website, their disposables were last tested in 2019, which is quite a long time ago.

The quality of the product is further confirmed by its flavor and the level of effects experienced, although this is purely based on my personal experience with the product.

Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposable Performance

The performance of the Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposable was top-notch. Airflow was smooth, pre-heat function worked well, there were no clogging issues like some other devices, and overall, my experience with the device, in terms of performance, was great. The only thing I would say is that it would be helpful to know the puff count of the device, but other than that, the performance was outstanding.

Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposable Pricing

Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposables can be purchased from the company’s online store for $39.99. In terms of milligrams, this comes out to about $0.50 per MG of hemp extract.

Compared to other similar products on the market, Moon Wlkr’s pricing is slightly on the higher end; however, I think that this is primarily due to the higher quality of the product and more intensive lab testing standards held by the company.

Based on my experience with the company’s website, they did not seem to offer a free shipping option; however, they do regularly offer discounts on their products and offer a great rewards program.

About the Company

Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Review

According to the Moon Wlkr website, the company is based out of Henderson, Nevada and was founded out of the curiosity to push the boundaries of what is truly possible with hemp. The company uses industry-leading manufacturing standards and unique terpene and cannabinoid blends to offer a host of high-quality, highly-rated hemp products.

At the time of writing, the company did not have an About Us page posted where we could learn more about the company, but this may change over time.

Despite the lack of information about the company, Wlkr does have a ton of outstanding reviews from its customers, who all have nothing but great things to say about the company and its products. Each of their delta 8 disposable flavors had upwards of 40 reviews. Here are just a few of the ones that stood out to me:

“Great after a long day. I just love this product. Makes me feel great. Something to look forward to after a long day.” – Sam C.

“Hits and tastes great. This is my favorite products on the site at the moment. I’ve tried all of the vape flavors (disposable and not) and the flavor of this one is so refreshing. Also this vape doesn’t leak or get clogged as easily as the others ones. The strawberry banana one for me, tastes good, but always gets clogged or leaks and I lose a lot of product that way. ” – Trish R.

“Perfect! Love my Delta 8 – 65 years old and Delta 9 is too strong … I am more for health than recreation The mind is a terrible thing to waste – So many out there!!” – John G.

Final Thoughts: Are Moon Wlkr Disposables Worth a Try?

Based on my personal experience with Moon Wlkr’s Delta 8 Disposables, I’d say they’re definitely worth a try. Flavor was great, quality is top-notch, and the pricing is spot on. Besides the things noted throughout the review, I really have nothing bad to say about this product. The only thing I would love to see in the future is more flavors!

Thanks for reading our Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposables Review! Hope you enjoyed it!

If you have any questions, comments, or perhaps even your own personal experience that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a message in the comments or contact us here:

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This product is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any condition or disease. Before trying any Moon Wlkr Delta 8 product, or any hemp-derived product, you should always consult with your doctor or certified health professional.

This review was based solely on my own independent research and personal experience with the product.

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Moon Wlkr is a premier hemp brand, offering a wide selection of rare cannabinoid-infused products. From delta 8 disposables and gummies to CBD and CBN gummies–Moon Wlkr seems to offer it all! In today's review, we'll be taking a deep dive into their popular delta...Moon Wlkr Delta 8 Disposables Review