Hemplitude Delta 8 Disposables Review

Hemplitude is quickly becoming a popular brand in the space but how do their delta 8 disposables fair? Find out in our in-depth Hemplitude Delta 8 Disposables Review!

Looking for the best delta 8 disposables? If so, you’re definitely in a growing crowd. Delta 8 disposable vapes give you this mildly intoxicating cannabinoid in the most convenient form, and many brands are happy to offer options. One brand that you may find for sale is the Hemplitude delta 8 disposable. Are these disposables worth a try? Check out a full review of Hemplitude delta 8 disposables.

Hemplitude Delta 8 Disposables: Flavor Review

Hemplitude Delta 8 Disposables Review

Hemplitude delta 8 disposables come in a number of flavors under different, familiar strain names and type designations. While the choices can vary depending on availability, a few options you’ll find available include:

  • Green Crack – Sativa
  • Durban Poison – Sativa
  • Bubba Kush – Indica
  • Pineapple Express
  • Purple Prim8 – Indica
  • Wedding Cake – Hybrid
  • White Widow – Hybrid

Each delta 8 disposable is made with full-spectrum hemp extracts, delta 8 extract from hemp, and terpenes for flavoring. The disposables are said to contain 98 percent delta 8 and each offers .5mL of total extract.

Of all the flavors I tried, White Widow was my all-time favorite!

Hemplitude Delta 8 Disposables: Quality Review

Hemplitude Delta 8 Disposable Review

All in all, the quality of Hemplitude delta 8 disposables seems to be on the up and up. The brand is clear about the ingredients they use in their disposables, right down to telling you that the hemp used is grown in Colorado and Oregon. Hemplitude vapes are made in a CGMP-compliant lab in-house, and the brand offers a certificate of analysis from a third-party lab (Atlas Labs FL, LLC) for each of its products. Each disposable is tested for cannabinoids, but they are not tested for other contaminants like heavy metals or pesticides.

Hemplitude Delta 8 Disposables: Pricing

The cost of a Hemplitude delta 8 disposable is $34.99 for what is stated on the website to be a .5mL disposable. Considering the bulk of delta 8 disposables 1 gram or more for around the same price, this seems a bit costly. However, it should be noted that the .5mL size description may be incorrect. A response from Hemplitude to a customer’s complaint about the smaller size clarified that the disposables are actually 1 gram, but they have yet to change the packaging or product description:

“As it turns out, the .5 is a misprint. The disposable is actually a 1ml, and you are getting a full 1ml of product. We just decided to go through the packaging until it runs out. The correct 1ml description should be available soon!”

Hemplitude Delta 8 Disposables: Customer Feedback

People seem to have genuinely good things to say about Hemplitude delta 8 disposables. The top brags include compliments on flavor and experience. However, there are also a few small complaints, especially when it comes to the small amount of extract you actually get in any of the delta 8 disposables. And, at least one reviewer mentions that the mouthpiece gets a bit gummy after use. Take a look at a few reviews available from customers on the Hemplitude website:

“I dig it, I work as a manager it is like pot but I don’t get that extreme stoner vibe. I dig reg and mid because I can still run business effectively without compromising my mental or physical effectiveness. Only negative is that it gums up on the mouthpiece most likely because of temperature but it is a little annoying otherwise it’s a good product for those with anxiety, PTSD, or other issues that can hinder performance in the working environment.”

“FANTASTIC taste, a great disposable. Only gripe I have is that it isn’t at least 1 gram like the bulk of disposables I find.”

“All I can say is thanks Hemplitude. This white widow strain definitely helps with anxiety & doesn’t take me over the edge. You have a loyal customer.” (looks like we have a fellow White Widow lover here!)

Hemplitude Company Background

Hemplitude Review

Hemplitude is a company based in Tampa, Florida. The brand has been around since around 2020, and solely focuses on hemp-derived cannabinoid products. The name is a sort of homage to the fact that the brand uses high-quality hemp, or “Hemp with an Attitude.” While Hemplitude is relatively new, they do have an extensive lineup of other products, including CBD tinctures, HHC disposables, and cannabinoid-infused edibles.

Are Hemplitude D8 Disposables Worth Giving a Try?

The only major downfall of the Hemplitude delta 8 disposable is the price for the smaller extract amount. However, this appears to be a change in progress for the brand. And, the company is relatively well established with mostly good customer feedback, in addition to offering a nice selection of options. Therefore, these delta 8 disposables may be worth a shot.

To learn more and order online, visit their website: Hemplitude.com

Thanks for reading our Hemplitude Delta 8 Disposables Review! If you have any questions, comments, or perhaps a personal experience you would like to share, we’d love to hear about it!

This Hemplitude D8 Vapes review was based solely on my own independent research and personal experience with the product.

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Hemplitude is quickly becoming a popular brand in the space but how do their delta 8 disposables fair? Find out in our in-depth Hemplitude Delta 8 Disposables Review!Hemplitude Delta 8 Disposables Review